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The Ahadi Collective and First Fridays Ahadi Market

Ahadi is a textile and fiber collective comprised of a community of African refugees that emerged from a missional house church. The team has worked in partnership with The Missional Wisdom Foundation in The Mix Coworking & Maker Space in East Dallas,Texas; sewing, weaving, and stitching since 2015. The Ahadi Collective, as a unique community of craftspeople, is committed to creating beautiful and useful goods while remaining planet “friendly.”


As a team, continuing to learn as well as teach, Ahadi holds promise to our community in ways that were once only dreams. In an effort to fulfill the dreams of others, as well, the Ahadi Market has been created. The first Friday of each month Ahadi shares and activates the space that allowed their own business to grow. This provides a marketplace for other artists and entrepreneurs seeking to share their creations, talents and dreams to a larger audience.

We invite you to the First Fridays Ahadi Market. Come join in the festivities as a vendor, performer, volunteer, shopper, or supporter. The Ahadi team looks forward to sharing these special Fridays with you, your families, friends and others, fulfilling Ahadi’s dreams, and helping others to reach their own!


Asante Sana!

Dreams are contagious. When you share your dream, other people begin to dream too.
— Liboire Barenga, Original Ahadi Collective Team Member