Handwoven Pillow Jewel Tones

Handwoven Pillow Jewel Tones


Ahadi Handwoven Macaron Pillow Multi Jewel Tone with African Fabric

Handwoven by The Ahadi Collective Makers, these pillows feature one of a kind combinations of yarns, upcycled fabrics and other unique textiles. We lovingly refer to them as "Macaron" pillows due to their resemblance to the delicious French Macaron! This creatively textured pillow is backed with authentic African cotton fabric and completed with a hand crochet edge. Dominant colors are jewel tones. 


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Size is 14" diameter and 7" tall. Please keep in mind that each pillow is one of a kind. When there is more than one available in a color, they are made using some of the same unique fibers and textiles and the same backing. They are made to go together but are not intended to be identical. If you have a particular choice from the photos of available pillows please email Ronda at rvandyk@missionalwisdom.com with your request so we may do our best to accommodate. 

Filling: Hypoallergenic, premium polyester fiber-fill made from recycled materials. 

Care: Do not wash/dry in machine or dry clean. Spot treat stains or soiled areas with cool water, mild detergent and very soft brush or cloth. Go over area again with water dampened cloth and allow to air dry Scrubbing pillow top may cause felting of fibers.