Photo credits: Ryan Klinck

Photo credits: Ryan Klinck

The Ahadi Collective

The Ahadi Collective (Ahadi) is a textile and fiber collective run by a community of African refugees. Ahadi means 'promise' and is a name chosen by the community as a reminder of the promise of economic and personal empowerment this business holds for them. Through a process of listening and imagination, Ahadi emerged from a missional house church. Since 2015, Ahadi has worked in partnership with the Missional Wisdom Foundation in the Mix Coworking & Maker Space in Dallas, Texas.

Because this unique community of craftspeople is committed to being gentle to our planet and our planet’s people, they produce quality goods using re-purposed, donated, or fair trade materials. See the Ahadi Collective Store for a current list of available products. The Ahadi Collective holds promise for community in ways that were once only dreams.

In June 2019, the MWF concluded the “on site” aspect of the Ahadi experiment. The Ahadi team is available to do piecework, custom orders and specialty items.

“Dreams are contagious When you share your dream, other people begin to dream too.”

-Liboire Barenga, Original Collective Team Member

For more info contact Ronda Van Dyk.