Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Anam Cara

Within our western culture there is a spiritual thirst for something more, something deeper, and Anam Cara (meaning soul friend or spiritual guide) is a response to this missional emergence.

Anam Cara is a training program which offers a certification in spiritual direction. The core intent of spiritual guidance or spiritual direction is to companion people in their life pilgrimage. Through Anam Cara, participants learn to listen to story: to the story of the person and to the story of God in the person’s story. Participants also explore the place of spiritual guidance within missional communities and missional engagement with the participant’s surrounding community.

The Anam Cara program is offered over two years in the form of six learning retreats complemented by assigned readings, a rule of life and prayer, spiritual direction, and the practice of attentive listening.


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