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Bryan Mitchell | Cultivator and Prior

at Haw Creek Commons 

Bryan is a cultivator of community at Haw Creek Commons and a prior of residential intentional communities in Asheville. His primary calling is practicing full presence with and listening well to others. Utilizing these gifts, along with the gift of administration, he facilitates the spaces, experiences, and conversations for people to explore and practice Christianity. He believes it is through community and spiritual practices that we find the Triune God who whispers the answers to our burning life questions.

Bryan most recently graduated from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. During his time there, he focused extensively on different residential intentional community models and how to implement a series of them in Asheville. His vocational history is as varied as they come – city planning, campus ministry, small business entrepreneurship, fundraising, church staffing, consulting. After a long, experimental, and revelatory journey, he can say that he has been led by the Spirit to where he is today.

Bryan is a resident of the Haw Creek community along with his wife Meredith and their daughter Charlotte. He enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, reading, and experiencing all that life has to offer. 

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