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Dispersed Community

Involvement Levels


We consider all of those who connect with us the Missional Wisdom Foundation Dispersed Community. The Wisdom for the Way is the centerpiece of this community. For more information, please subscribe to the Wisdom for the Way.

The Missional Wisdom Foundation uses a concept called Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to connect with our Dispersed Community. If you would like to become a MWF Participator, please fill out this ABCD Survey. By filling out this Google Form, you can unlock access to our closed Facebook group, where you can stay in touch with other members of our Dispersed Community. 

Would you like to help share the work of the Missional Wisdom Foundation? Do you have a story to share about the work of the MWF in your context? Click here to become an MWF Communicator. This group has access to our closed Facebook group and our monthly prayer call via Zoom.

Do you have a gift for gathering people? Do you enjoy creating healthy spaces for people to engage in contemplative practices? Become an MWF Guide. There are two ways to become an MWF Guide: Gather a small group of people for an Incarnational Group or volunteer at one of our sites. Sign up here.

MWF Leaders are an integral part of the Missional Wisdom Foundation’s Publishing Team. MWF Leaders participate in our book launch teams, lead small groups through our Missional Wisdom Library book studies (as they become available), or lead our Monthly Prayer Group. If you are someone who likes to learn and explore in a community that is willing to walk deeply into theological questions, vocational uncertainty, and what it means to be community, please sign up to become a MWF Leader.

Would you like to be an MWF Intern? We have a limited number of MWF Internships available. For more information, please click here.