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Eric Conklin | Portland Hub Developer

Eric grew up in a United Methodist Church in northwest Indiana. He moved out to North Idaho with his family where he began working at Twinlow United Methodist Church Camp. After two years on staff, living in intentional Christian community, Eric experienced his first call to ministry. 

Like so many others, being on a Christian camp staff introduced Eric to the idea of "new monasticism," even if not intentionally named as such: the staff shared a covenant, shared living space, shared daily spiritual practices, and shared a mission of service and hospitality. After being immersed in this shared life together for a couple years Eric transformed from being a very self-centered late-teenager to a young adult who hoped that his whole life to be molded in such a manner. Had he not had the experience of going to and working at camp, he's not sure where or what he would be doing right now!

He attended Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and met his wife, Mira, who experienced her call to ministry through a United Methodist young adult ministry discernment program, Project Transformation, in Dallas. They have been married for 12 years, have lived in Oregon for most of it, have a son named Augustine, and are developing deep roots in the city of Portland. After serving several churches in a variety of capacities, Eric currently is appointed by the Oregon Idaho Annual Conference as the Portland hub developer for the Missional Wisdom Foundation and as an assistant to the Camp and Retreat Ministries executive director in the areas of donor relations and communications.

Together, Mira and Eric have seen the church's tremendous capacity to equip and train young adults through camping and intensive programs like Project Transformation, and see the need and hear a call for local churches to transform their spaces for urban re-development and new monastic communities.

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