Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Coaching is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person or team to fully live out God’s calling—in their life and profession. The goal of coaching is to develop a person or team to more effectively reflect, correct, and generate new learning. It’s learning new ways to learn, listening to the heart and the Holy Spirit, and taking action to reshape their lives around that learning.
— Keith E. Webb


Instigators are always looking to start something. Instigators stir things up. Instigators are catalysts. 

When viewed through a missional paradigm, the definition and practice of leadership necessarily shift. Rather than expert performers, leaders become expert supporters. Rather than imposing a plan and vision, a leader works to draw out the vision from the community. Leaders guide the process, but resist solving every problem, instead believing in—and encouraging—the wisdom, talent, and abilities residing within the community. This, in a nutshell, is precisely the role of a coach. The coaching approach is the most consistent and authentic posture of leadership for those operating from a missional mindset.

Every project requires two things: vision and will. Will is directed, focused energy that maintains the heart of the project while enabling it to function in the world. Often a person, through deep listening and awareness, will have a vision for something that has tapped into the energy of his or her context and needs someone to hold a bird’s eye view of the project to order and direct the will. This is the role of a coach.

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