Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

New Day House Churches

The People of the New Day communities are worshipping faith communities that endeavor to build healthy relationships in their neighborhoods as well as sharing Christ as a way of life.

The eponymous community, New Day, gathers for prayer, worship, and fellowship every Sunday evening in an apartment complex. The worship begins with all members sharing a simple meal. Sharing of the meal is symbolic of the way that members are drawn to each other and to God, and binds the multicultural and multilingual community together. Worship is organic, powerful, and authentic. Worship continues with a community check-in: sharing where they see God at work in their lives and in the neighborhood and how God is calling them to be more present and hospitable to the neighborhood. This is followed by sharing the scripture lesson as well as feasting at the Lord’s table.

New Day is led by a team which, on a rotational basis, leads the worship and equally participates in decision making for the faith community. The team also meets twice a month for reflection, prayer, and encouragement. The team abides by a rule of life that promotes responsibility and accountability. This rule of life is based on the United Methodist membership and baptismal vows, which includes: Prayer, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness.

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