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Ryan Klinck | Spiritual Formation Apprentice

Ryan is the Spiritual Formation Apprentice of the Missional Wisdom Foundation. He works directly with Heidi Miller, an expert in spiritual formation and spiritual direction, in order to learn from her and to grow in his own gifting in spiritual formation. Ryan's spiritual formation work in the foundation means he is involved with Ceciliah and Justin's work in the Epworth Project, the Anam Cara Spiritual Direction Training Program, and helping to design retreats and spiritual practices. Finally, Ryan offers his gifts of photography as a spiritual practices for the foundation. You can see his photos in the weekly newsletter, Wisdom for the Way.

Ryan comes from Denton, Texas originally. He lives in and is the house steward of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer House, located in East Dallas, which does work with the homeless and the homesick in the neighborhood. Ryan is working on his Master of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology, and plans to finish in the Spring of 2018. In his free time Ryan bicycles, gardens, practices film photography, and hangs out with his dog Barnby. 

Publications include:
Rooted in Grace: Essays on Dialogue Without Division. Contributor. Eugene: Cascade, 2018

Contact Information: