Abide Curriculum

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The Missional Wisdom Foundation presents a 21-week study on intentional community, featuring Rev. Dr. Elaine Heath, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Rev. Dr. Larry Duggins, and the men and women of the Epworth Houses in Dallas, Texas.

This study guide was prepared with a generous grant from the Forum for Theological Exploration and with the loving and creative input of numerous individuals who are part of the Epworth Project, the People of New Day, and the Missional Wisdom Foundation. Our hope for this study guide is that it will help persons who are starting intentional communities, or are joining a short-term community in order to participate in a one- or two-year missional service project that includes living in community. Many denominations sponsor these kinds of missional service projects.

Learning to live in community can be challenging for anyone. Over the past few years since we started the Epworth Project in Dallas, Texas, we have found many ways to ease the transition into community life. The videos and essays that form this curriculum are based on what we have learned along the way. Our writers and speakers in the series are not “experts” in the sense of having advanced degrees and a career in the field of community life. Rather, they are for the most part, committed practitioners of intentional community who have hard-won wisdom from having lived in community.

We recommend that the best way to use this study guide is for a weekly or twice monthly session that is about an hour long, followed by a mutually chosen response activity to engage in the following week. Participants should come to the meeting having already read and thought about the essay for that week. The group should watch the video together and then discuss the reflection questions in the video and at the end of the essay.

This study guide is not intended to be a comprehensive resource for long-term community life. It is focused, rather, on the early formation of communities during their first year, and communities that are transitory by nature because they are 1-2 year missional service projects.

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