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The Missional Wisdom Foundation’s

Dispersed Community


There is grace found in community…

The Missional Wisdom Foundation believes that community is a place where grace collects. Where people can come to be challenged, refreshed, nurtured, and healed. Please explore the various ways that you can become more involved in our Dispersed Community.


The Missional Wisdom Foundation’s work centers around creating places where community and the Divine can interact in spaces of love and intention in a world of production and ambition.

The Dispersed Community is an attempt to answer the question:

How does the Missional Wisdom Foundation create community as people who are geographically dispersed?

The Dispersed Community is a multifaceted, geographically diverse community that seeks to create the Community of God on Earth through living contemplatively and gently. The Missional Wisdom Foundation follows a Rule of Life and encourages its Dispersed Community to do the same. For more information about our Rule of Life click here.


MWF Supporter Levels

Becoming a financial supporter of the Missional Wisdom Foundation

To do this work, we need the financial support of our Dispersed Community. As you journey with us along this road of discovery, please consider supporting the Missional Wisdom Foundation through a monthly donation. Click here for more information.

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MWF Involvement Levels

Becoming more involved in the work of the Missional Wisdom Foundation

Would you like to be more connected with the Missional Wisdom Foundation? Would you like to explore ways to become an active participant in the MWF Dispersed Community? Explore our Dispersed Community Involvement Levels here: