Touchstones: a point of connection in a busy world.

The MWF’s current Touchstone Prayer:

May the Mind of Christ dwell in us so that we are unified in love.


A point of connection in a busy world.

As we experiment with new ways to build Christian Community, we have been seeking to answer the question: How does the Missional Wisdom Foundation create community as people who are geographically dispersed?

On the MWF pilgrimages to Iona, Scotland, one of the most meaningful experiences of the pilgrimage is to start and end the day with prayer. In resonance with this practice, the MWF’s Dispersed community is invited to commit to pray twice daily at 9 am and 9 pm. The suggested prayers will be listed in the Wisdom for the Way.

If you would like, set a reminder or alarm on your device or watch at 9 and 9, and join the MWF in

A point of connection in a busy world