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Hot off the press! Read the new book by Bret Wells, that was created specifically for a class that he teaches in Launch & Lead.

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Credulous: A Journey through Life, Faith, and the Bulletin

by Andrea Lingle

Written by MWF co-founder, Elaine Heath, The Mystic Way will serve as the spine text for our recent multi-platform study led by Andrea LingleLent Incarnate.

New Collected Poems
By Wendell Berry

New Collected Poems is a an optional text for our recent Lent Incarnate multi-platform study led by Andrea Lingle.

Lent is the season in the liturgical year that has historically been set aside as a time of introspection and lament. This text was used in our recent Lenten journey exploring lament, restoration, and the sacredness of soil. ~By Andrea Lingle with contributions from Katey Rudd.

Written by co-founder, Larry Duggins, Simple Harmony, is one of the texts for Missional Ecclesiology, the Launch & Lead class that Larry recently taught. It was also January's topic of learning at our monthly staff meeting.

Written by co-founder, Larry Duggins, Together, is one of the texts for Missional Ecclesiology, the Launch & Lead class that Larry recently taught currently teaching.

Thin Places is a recommended text for Missional Imagination, the Launch & Lead class recently taught by Bret Wells and Denise Crane. You can check out Bret's review of the book here.

Recommended by leader, Luke Lingle, this book has helped to shape Missional Wisdom Foundation's theology of fundraising. It was a topic of discussion at our monthly staff meeting in March.


The Storytelling Animal was a required text for The Role of Story in Community Development, a recent Launch & Lead class taught by Robert Bishop

Every day we experience the uncertainty, risks, and emotional exposure that define what it means to be vulnerable or to dare greatly. Based on twelve years of pioneering research, Dr. Brené Brown dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage.

Elaine Heath describes Divergent Church as "one of the better books on innovative forms of church that I've read in the past couple of years. It features Jonathan Grace's Church in the Square, Valley and Mountain, and Simple Church, along with many others. They ask great questions about ecclesiology and what is happening to people's understanding of the meaning of 'church.'"

Liturgy of the Ordinary is recommended by Larry Duggins. Tish Warren, a young mother, wife and Episcopal priest, has done a wonderful job of sharing her view of ordinary life through the lens of liturgy.  She looks at mundane tasks like making the bed and checking email as worshipful acts full of life-giving energy.  This is especially interesting because Warren is very clear about how much she loves the liturgy of her church, and her explanatory descriptions are great insights into why liturgy takes the form that it does.  Liturgy of the Ordinary explores loving God through the daily activities of routine life in a readable and informative way.

The book behind a popular PBS and Netflix series, Call the Midwife is recommended by Rachel Wells. She enjoyed reading this book and finds it to be a beautiful picture of how just being a part of Christian community (similar the MWF way of doing things, as described in Together: Community as a Means of Grace) can end up leading someone to Christ. 


The Mountain of Silence offers a refreshing tale about Kyriacos and his struggle to reclaim his Eastern Orthodox Christian heritage after being educated in Western Schools of thought. Filled with fascinating dialogues between Kyriacos and his spiritual mentor, Father Maximos, the two companions slowly work their way through the major tenants of the orthodox faith and its often misunderstand mystical world view. The book's conversational nature makes it easy to read and hard to put down, while providing thought provoking insights into part of our Christian tradition that few Western Christians know much about. ~Ryan Klinck

"An expansion of Joseph Campbell's and Dan Vogler's work on mythology from a feminist perspective. A well-sourced, easy, and important read. I'm looking for ways to incorporate Frankel's ideas in the next iteration of The Role of Story in Community Development." ~Robert Bishop

CS Lewis is one of the great minds and in my opinion, communicates theology in a wonderfully exciting way. Till We Have Faces is classic CS Lewis which makes the reader imagine both the sinner and saint in us. Brilliant, entertaining, and informative all in the same package. ~Bryan Mitchell

The Rebirthing of God served as the spine text for our recent multi-platform study led by Andrea LingleAdvent Incarnate.

Paul: An Apostle's Journey
By Douglas A. Campbell

Douglas Campbell’s new work on Paul is a very readable survey into the writings of Paul. Dr. Campbell, a Duke New Testament professor who will be a key player in their new Certificate in Missional Innovation program, has written a book for the rest of us - clear, understandable and to the point. Read the rest of Larry Duggins' review here.

Recommended by a participant during the course of our recent Advent Incarnate study, several MWF staff members agree that Lamb is a good, light-hearted read.


As a leader of a group that tries very hard to be ecumenical and also tries very hard to impress on everyone the importance of spiritual practices that strengthen connection with God, Larry Duggins found Flee, Be Silent, Pray by Ed Cyrzewski quite interesting. Read Larry's full review of the book here.