Two Views on Homosexuality

Two Views on Homosexulaity, the Bible and the Church
A Book Review by
Larry Duggins

As part of my personal analysis of the Way Forward issues, I went in search of a good book that fairly deals with the various arguments around the human sexuality issues without screaming at me about them.  I made several false starts and then came upon Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible and the Church (Zondervan, 2016). This wonderful book places four theologians into conversation - each of the four have individually written books on the topic. Four positions, two “affirming” and two “traditional”, three men and one woman, one gay person.  Each author presents an argument, then each of the other three writes a response, and the cycle closes with a rejoinder by the original author.  Almost as importantly as the subject analysis, the discussion is civil and respectful - each author is there to learn and to test.

This wonderful book touches on tradition around marriage, on scriptural interpretation, on the role of culture in reading scripture, on celibacy, and on every other argument I have been exposed to on this topic.  It is a book written for adults - the authors are direct in their discussions of body parts and sex acts - which is refreshingly informative for the adult reader trying to form an opinion of their own.  I recommend this book for any group of adults trying to faithfully address the issues at the core of A Way Forward.  

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