Photo credits: Ryan Klinck

Photo credits: Ryan Klinck

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Photo credits: Alexander Shaia

Photo credits: Alexander Shaia


Now, on that same day, two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them. -Luke 24:13b-15a

Pilgrimage is an intentional journey from the pilgrim’s context to a place of religious significance to promote spiritual growth or transformation. It is an ancient practice of process associated with many of the world’s religions. Adherents to Islam are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Mecca to connect with the origins of Islam and with other pilgrims or Haji. Christians embraced pilgrimage very early, traveling to visit places associated with Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the saints of the church. Historically, the church sometimes required pilgrimage as penance or as a rite of passage into religious orders. Modern day pilgrims travel for a variety of reasons ranging from education to penance to a desire for spiritual growth.

Pilgrimage happens in the process. It is bringing intention to where you are and receiving the grace of walking and talking.

Pilgrimage happens along the way.

The MWF embraces pilgrimage as an important avenue of spiritual formation and transformation. The Foundation itself was founded based on connections and inspirations that took place on a pilgrimage Elaine Heath and Larry Duggins took to Iona, Scotland.

The MWF both sponsors and helps others plan pilgrimages.

Iona 2019

During 2019, the MWF will offer two pilgrimages to Iona, Scotland:

  • May 9-18, 2019

  • May 16-25, 2019 - SOLD OUT!

The Iona pilgrimage is $3,000 each including airfare, breakfast & dinner, and lodging. A non-refundable deposit of $500 will be due on January 5, 2019 to lock in your place, with the balance of $2,500 due on March 1. You may view a brochure describing the pilgrimage here.

View our previous Iona pilgrimages here

For more information contact Larry Duggins.

Camino de Santiago 2019

The Missional Wisdom Foundation is delighted to partner with Dr. Alexander J. Shaia to offer pilgrimage walks along the Camino. Dr. Shaia is a cultural anthropologist, psychologist, theologian and spiritual guide. He is an author, public speaker, and widely sought teacher.

2019 Camino is currently full. We are accepting applications for up to two individuals who would like to be on a wait list as an alternate pilgrim for 2019.

Dates: 28 Days/27 Nights: 7 October – 3 November, 2019

The cost of the 28 Day pilgrimage is $6,000, which includes transportation, lodging, baggage transfer, breakfast and most dinners. Travelers are responsible for arriving at the designated meeting point in Europe, and will arrange and pay for their own transport to that location. To secure your place, a deposit of $3,000 is due by 5 pm (Central Time Zone USA) March 1, 2019. The balance of $3,000 is due by 30 June 2019, 5pm Central Time Zone, USA. To secure your place as an alternate, a deposit of $500 is due at the time of acceptance. These monies will be refunded in full if you do not secure a place. If you do secure a place, these monies will be credited against the cost.

2020 Camino de Santiago

59 Days/58 Nights

6 September - 3 November

The cost of the 59 Day pilgrimage will be in the range of $12,000 to $14,000 per pilgrim, which includes transportation along the Camino, 58 nights’ lodging, baggage transfer, breakfast every day and most dinners. We expect pricing by early April 2019. Travelers are responsible for arriving at the designated meeting point in Europe, and will arrange and pay for their own transport and nightly stays on the way to that location. To secure your place, a deposit of $6,000 is due by 5 pm (Central Time Zone USA) 31 December 2019. The balance is due by 30 June 2020, 5pm Central Time Zone, USA.

At the time of your initial deposit, please purchase comprehensive travel insurance. A refund (minus $500 administration fees) may be requested through 31 May of the pilgrimage year. Deposits will be refunded dependent on your place being filled. All monies become non-refundable beginning at midnight 1 July Central Time Zone, USA of the pilgrimage year. Additional information on the Camino pilgrimage is available here.

For more information, contact Larry Duggins.