By Stephanie Evelyn McKellar

Walk carefully, well loved one,
Walk mindfully, well loved one,
Walk fearlessly, well loved one…

Be always coming home.

- Ursula K. Le Guin


To the love in which you were created
To the breath that first hovered over you

For you bear the God image
And always have
Rooted in divinity and loved by the Trinity

For you have wandered and forgotten
That beloved is who you always
Have been
And always
Shall be


Return to your breath and this place
Return to quiet and rest
For no amount of striving
Will earn you more belovedness
For you have it already

To that sense of joy, for
You are enough
That sense of peace, for
You are enough

In practice and in patience
Whether dry bones or weary dust
Return to the Home in which you were created
Breathe through chaos and order
Return to the confidence that the sky is always parting to say
You are my Beloved.

To the road free of shame or doubts of worth
Return to the community and the inward space
Return to the water and the grace
That ever longs for your wholeness and life abundant

To the story of your sister
To the story of your brother
Turn to face and embrace the Other
To the imago Dei
All creation around you
Likewise bearing that belovedness that got this whole party started

Return to one another
Seek forgiveness and restore
Work for wholeness and adore
What has always been yours and theirs to begin with

Be at home in your own breath
They in theirs
Let the Spirit of God continue to hover over these bones and waters



  • John 10:10

  • Mark 1:9-12

  • Genesis 1

  • Ezekiel 37:1-14

  • Isaiah 30:15


Questions for Reflection:

  • What practices help you return to a sense of your belovedness?

  • What practices/activities bring you into a sense of rest and being enough?

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