Incarnational Study Series

Community is at the center of the Missional Wisdom Foundation’s theology, and The Missional Wisdom Foundation seeks to teach about the ways that Christians can live as Christ in the world and seek to nurture the Community of God on Earth. We invite you to join our community and encourage your own communities through our Incarnational Studies.

We currently have three offered studies per year. Advent Incarnate, Lent Incarnate, and an Ordinary Time Incarnate study that companions one of the Missional Wisdom Foundation’s titles. These studies each have four co-ordinating, free-standing elements. Each element can be used independently, but, if all pieces are used in conjunction, the participant will have a fuller experience without redundancy.

Incarnational Study Elements:

  • The Wisdom for the Way~Each study will be anchored by the devotional section of our weekly newsletter

  • Journey~Studies running currently will have an in-depth course featuring a book study, discussion boards, supporting content, and a synthesis project. Archived studies will have the Journey Course content available on a dedicated web page, but there will be no accompanying discussion portion.

  • Incarnational Group Guide~Each study has a small group guide with coordinating liturgies available as a free PDF download from the Missional Wisdom Foundation bookstore.

  • Facebook Live Discussion~Live discussions allowing study participants to talk through the ideas presented in by the other sections of the study. current study only

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Lent Incarnate

Available Studies:

  • The Abundance of Ashes

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Ordinary Time Incarnate

Available Studies:

  • Rooted in Grace