Flee, Be Silent, Pray: An Anxious Evangelical Finds Peace with God Through Contemplative Prayer
A Book Review by Larry Duggins

As a leader of a group that tries very hard to be ecumenical and also tries very hard to impress on everyone the importance of spiritual practices that strengthen connection with God, I found Flee, Be Silent, Pray by Ed Cyrzewski quite interesting. Crzewski grew up Catholic, became disillusioned, and shifted to an evangelical Protestant denomination. While attending seminary, he struggled with his perception that his relationship with God and others was tainted by anxiety and an argumentative attitude. Over time, he embraced contemplative prayer as a path to a deeper and more satisfying relationship with God.

This book combines descriptions of spiritual formation practices with narrative that examines Cryzewski's own path to discovering and reconciling with them. I was quite interested in his observations, which gives voice to concerns I have heard those who are unfamiliar with contemplative practice. As a contemplative, I found the discussion of the journey helpful—I would also expect that Cryzewski's stories would be helpful to those seeking deeper spiritual connection.