Join us for Missional Wisdom Foundation’s National Gathering 2020!

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Thanks for a wonderful National Gathering 2019!

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Thank you to all who joined us for the

2018 MWF National Gathering

at The Mix Coworking & Creative Space in Dallas.

Dude. What joy to get together with folks who welcome the next way ‘God is coming toward them.’ (Thanks for that good word, Elaine). Incredibly creative and collaborative people who say yes to the Holy Spirit for the sake of resurrection, justice, peace, goodness, and community. Thank you, Missional Wisdom Foundation, for an amazing national gathering. [I am] deeply grateful to hear from your wisdom as we learn to say yes to the God who comes toward FAM Houston.
— Hannah Terry: Houston, TX
NG 2018 - Ceciliah and Ryan
Heart is full after a beautiful time in Dallas, experiencing community, hearing and sharing stories of transformation, living into the possibility that God has in store for reflecting and being the Commonwealth. Grateful, grateful, grateful for the people of the Missional Wisdom Foundation and their open hearts and souls.
— Eric Conklin: Portland, OR
The Missional Wisdom Foundation National Gathering was pretty amazing to say the least. I’m grateful for the opportunity to rest, and be around others who are changing the world one community at a time.
— Randy Evans: Wilmington, NC
To be with a group of people transforming the world through differing means and avenues and perspectives - thanks! My joy today? The spiritual practice of weaving.
— Mary Beth Taylor: Littleton, CO
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