Building Community through Group Leadership

The Missional Wisdom Foundation is proud to announce the launch of Journey, our newest educational initiative.

As we experiment with alternative forms of Christian community in the Missional Wisdom Foundation, we also stop to share the lessons we've learned along the way. Journey is a hub for learning and engagement with standalone courses taught by our exceptional group of instructors. Earlier this week, subscribers to our Journey email list received a one-time code for 20% off a course. To get your code and receive notifications when new courses become available, sign up here

One of the courses now open for registration, Building Community through Group Leadership, is taught by Karen Doucette. In large or small group settings, participating in community is a vital part of health and well being. It offers the means to grow individually or to collectively create something together.  

Each journey member will be required to participate in an outside group (self-help, focus based, project or subject directed) while participating in our class. Please do not choose a lecture style class that does not permit your participation.  

 During our time together, we will look at the dynamics needed to create a loving environment for people to feel safe, valued and inspired to create or reimagine themselves.  

 Register soon - the class will begin on June 5, and is space is limited!