Teen Life

by Rachel Wells

Teen Life is a non-profit organization in Southlake, Texas, dedicated to encouraging and equipping teenagers with life skills and strategies to live life better. Our friends at Teen Life have created a curriculum that they use in facilitated support groups to serve middle school and high school students who are in crisis or are beginning to make choices that will lead to crisis. Staff members Chris Robey and Ricky Lewis received coach training from Missional Wisdom's own Bret Wells.

Teen Life also educates, trains, and assists churches, schools, families, and friends to empower teenagers to live life better. Teen Life believes that while physical and emotional support may be provided to help teenagers overcome the pain and hurt they experience, true healing will come through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The ultimate goal is to introduce and/or strengthen the lives of the young people through their voluntary care programs.

 One of the ways in which Teen Life trains those who work with teenagers is through the "Stay Calm Don't Panic" podcast series. Stay Calm Don't Panic is hosted by Chris Robey and Karlie Duke. It tackles difficult topics that today's teenagers are facing in order to help the helper - that's you! This podcast is designed to equip parents, youth ministers, social workers, school counselors, teachers, volunteers, mentors and coaches to walk with teenagers through issues like social media, self-harm, homosexuality, grief and more! If you are a parent of a teenager, or work with teens in any way, please join Teen Life and their expert guests to learn how to equip, encourage and empower teenagers to live life better:

Stay Calm Don't Panic is currently in the midst of season 3, an 8 week jaunt through Teen Life curriculum topics with some previous season guests.