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Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

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The Mix Coworking & Creative Space

The Mix Coworking & Creative Space (The Mix) is an experimental intentional community and collaboration in the marketplace. The Mix is located on the basement level of the historic White Rock United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX. The Mix features a wide-open coworking space designed to connect creative people who are passionate about their work and their world. Larger conference rooms as well as plenty of smaller spaces are available for working with small groups or to be alone with your thoughts. Our space also provides over 3500 sq.ft. of event rental space, perfect for a wedding reception or hosting a community events.

"The Mix exists in the basement of and in partnership with White Rock UMC, recognizing and embracing the challenges presented by doing this work with church facilities. It is turning out to be a wonderful experiment in ministry and an opportunity to experience grace while new expressions of church emerge within the sphere of traditional forms.

...Here’s the story as I understand it: The Mix as it exists emerged through the convergence of several inspirations. Mitchell Boone and Neil Moseley, pastoral leaders at White Rock UMC, imagined coworking as one of the approaches that might help the congregation engage meaningfully with its neighbors. At around the same time, Daryn DeZengotita (who first invited and welcomed me to The Grove) was on pilgrimage to the Isle of Iona, where she received a vision to open a coworking space as part of her work with the MWF. Supported by the Foundation leadership, and accompanied by Chef Rhonda Sweet to design and run The Mix Kitchen, Daryn has been able to see this vision come to fruition. The journey has not been easy, and though “success” (including but not limited to self-sustaining revenue) is in sight, it is not guaranteed. But then again, what in this life is? What does seem certain is that the effort has been worthwhile, the congregation and community are being blessed, and transformation is emerging.

People are learning new ways of working together, building community among those with and among whom they work, and dreaming of a new and better day for themselves and the world. And they are taking action that is already manifesting that new way of being. What more could anyone ask?"

-Excerpt from Coworking and the Reign of God, by Rev. Dr. Ken G. Crawford, Senior Pastor at Central Christian Church of Dallas (former Mixologist at The Mix Coworking & Creative Space).