What Kind of God

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What Kind of God


How does a missional mindset or perspective impact the way we read Scripture?

How does the Bible speak to and through a missional disciple?
And seriously, what kind of God is God?
A missional reading of Scripture is pivotal to helping the church find its way back to its true vocation and to helping newly forming missional communities follow the triune God revealed in Jesus. To the extent that the church is absorbed with itself and its own comfort and agendas, it has forsaken the God revealed in Jesus, whom we claim to follow. The mission of God will lead us to confront the injustices in our society, shed light on the lies we tell ourselves, and name the sickness in our midst.
Reading the Bible with (and as) a missional church means we approach the Bible with the assumption that God is actually up to something in this world, that we are all called to play an active role in that something, and that the Bible is the story of that something.
What kind of God is God? We invite you to read with us, and see for yourself.

Bret Wells is a Leader and Managing Director of the Missional Wisdom Foundation, which experiments with and teaches about alternative forms of Christian community. He is a certified leadership coach, working with individuals and teams across the country. Bret is also a minister and co-leader of The Gathering, a missional community in Burleson, Texas. He is a contributor to Abide: A Guide to Living in Intentional Community (2014).

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