The Paloma House, a part of the Epworth Project
By House Steward and Resident, Lauren Roepken

At The Paloma house in Arlington, TX we outreach directly to the women at The Wesley at The University of Texas at Arlington. Every Monday evening we have a group of about 20 women (yes you read that right - 20 college women in one house) over for dinner, dessert, games, and a beautiful time of fellowship. This time is relaxed, raw, and honest. A space of trust and desire for a deeper connection with one another through Christ has been fostered.

Throughout this experience we have seen the idea of intentional community explode. The women that come to our house every Monday have began changing the way they live. Several groups of girls have begun meeting in their houses, inviting us over for dinner, and stepping into the waters of intentional living. The same has happened with the group of men at The Wesley. They have seen the connection of women explode within the walls of The Wesley. The men have watched this, and now themselves desire a life of intentional community and living.

We never imagined having a few girls over would lead to such a wave of change and growth, but it has. A flame has been lit, and it continues to be flamed each week throughout the UTA Wesley. We are so incredibly thankful.