by Lindsay Simmons, owner of Clear Media Design

[We have] a choice to make. I’m not talking about [yesterday,] election day, I’m talking about [today], the day after, November 9th.

We will have to choose how we react and move forward. No matter the outcome, our nation will be divided. Some will be bitter and negative, some will be arrogant and condescending, and some will be disgusted with the whole thing.

I can’t control the election. I can’t control Washington. I can’t control anyone other than myself. However, my choices impact my family and my community, and I am going to choose to make a difference where I can.

I can look people in the eye
I can volunteer
I can donate food
I can meet my neighbors
I can take someone dinner
I can shake a hand
I can befriend someone different than me

I can listen 

I can be kind

I hope others will choose to join me. I think the idea of a day of kindness and service to others is something we can all unite behind.

We can choose peace
We can choose unity
We can choose kindness
We can choose service to others
We can choose love