Bret Wells

Our study of Shawn Small's The Via Advent is officially underway! Below is an excerpt from our online community discussion. It is not too late to join us - everyone is invited! See below for details on how to join the study.

As many of you know, my family is part of a small community/congregation that meets at our house on Sundays. When we gather, there are typically 8 adults, 6 kids (or 8 when the Myers' have their grandkids with them), and one rather unintelligent dog, all sharing space in our living room. For several years now our practice has been for one or more of the kids to serve as our liturgist(s) each week - which this week included reading the first chapter from Via Advent. 

I was struck by the significance of hearing a child's voice speak the first words in this season of anticipation, and this journey of reflection. It was a reminder to embrace anticipation with excitement and wonder. And this afternoon, as I thought about how impoverished our community would be without their voices, I was reminded of how important it is that we regularly look for opportunities and create space to hear from others - especially those who are not typically represented in our conversations. 

May we all experience the blessing of getting rid of the kid's table and dismissing the notion that anyone "should be seen and not heard."