Haw Creek Proposal

A few weeks ago, my children, Laine (8), Annabel (6), and Oliver (5), had the opportunity to present a project they have been working on for several months to a granting agency in the Asheville area. Here are their ideas in their own words. Oliver’s was aesthetic…he was not going to be left out!

They will begin working on implementing their projects at Haw Creek Commons in the coming year.

-Andrea Lingle

Hi. My name is Oliver and this is a poem called, “I’m Glad”

     I’m glad the sky is painted blue
     And the earth is painted green,
     With such a lot of nice fresh air
     All sandwiched in between.


Hello, my name is Annabel.

     My proposal is to plant a butterfly garden near at Haw Creek Commons because it will help butterflies survive.

     Butterflies are important because they pollinate flowers.

     I love butterflies because they are so beautiful.

     We will plant flowers that butterflies like. We will catch rainwater to water our garden.

     Thank you.

My name is Laine, and I am in third grade.

     My proposal will help kids and teenagers play outside more.

     My idea is to design and build a natural playground and also a meditation spot at Haw Creek Commons near Haw Creek Elementary in East Asheville.

     Our natural playground will be in the woods, and what we will do is to clean out the area and build a table to hold natural building materials like sticks, twigs, logs, and other things. We will also build a meditation hut where you can sit and do a finger labyrinth or listen to wind chimes.

     Being in the woods is important because kids need vitamin D from the sun and education about plants and animals from nature.

     This location is near where children live and go to school, and, because it is free, everyone can come.

     Being in the woods helps me feel calm. Maybe it will help you feel calm too.

     Thank you.