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Spotlight: The Julian Way

On April 30th, Justin and Lisa Hancock’s emerging ministry, The Julian Way, held a gathering of twenty people who belong to and advocate for the disabled community. The purpose of the gathering was to listen, dream, and discuss the design of a universally accessible house, which the Hancocks and Missional Wisdom Foundation hope to build together. A universally designed home would allow people of all abilities to be able to live well in their home and flourish in an intentional Christian community setting. Disabled and able bodies would live side by side. The Hancocks and Maria Bergh, an architect and Epworth House resident, led activities and asked questions with the group. Friends in wheel chairs, who are blind, and deaf, all gave feedback on their needs and clarified what they wished they could do on their own in their home. In this way, the disabled community are the ones telling their story and for the vision of the house to be a collective vision. As Justin reminded everyone, “No one gets to tell our story for us. We are not disabled people, we are community with diverse embodiments.” The leaders of the Julian Way will now take this collective vision and discern the next steps towards building their new home.

To learn more about The Julian Way, please visit them on Facebook, or subscribe to them on YouTube.