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Every month many women must deal with a lack of supplies during their period. Many are unable to work or face embarrassing moments during this time. But, our friend Laura Harvey has sought to make a difference by donating feminine hygiene products to local food pantries.

A little over a week ago on May 21, Laura and countless friends hosted Party. Period. in Missional Wisdom Foundation's coworking space, The Mix. Many boxes of feminine hygiene products were donated, and many wonderful items were raffled off to raise money for Laura's organization, Take Charge. Period.

In the aftermath of the successful party, the boxes have been counted. Here are the results by the numbers:

75 - The number of days we collected for Party.Period.
1,325 - Dollars raised from the raffle
243 - The number of boxes of pads donated
6,717 - The number of individual pads donated
427 - The number of boxes of tampons donated
14,790 - The number of individual tampons donated

That means 670 total boxes and $1,325 raised!!!

So what does it all mean?

3 - The number of organizations we donate to monthly
40 - The number of boxes we provide in each delivery
5 - The number of months these donations will cover (not counting the money raised)

And the best for last...

The number of women who will be positively impacted by these donations - COUNTLESS!

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This is what happens with your contributions... They fill the shelves of the pantries and find their way to women who need easy access to pads and tampons at no cost. Your donations generate confidence and success.

This is a pic of the shelves at Vickery Meadow Pantry. Volunteers were amazed and thankful for this donation. You have done a wonderful thing! Thank you!!

P.S. Zoom in a take a look at the sign in the bottom right of this image. Could you imagine walking to the store in the heat and humidity today and then lugging everything home?