The Cochran House, an MWF Epworth House
Justin Hancock

Dear Friends,

The residents of Cochran House have spent the last several weeks out in the garden, clearing away grass and weeds and turning the earth in preparation for planting both winter and spring seeds. It occurs to me that this is very much like what we have been doing as a community in relating to both our neighborhood and our anchor church. Several weeks back we had the pleasure of sitting down with the Rev. Jeff Hall to discuss ways to reach out to and cooperate with the congregation of Cochran Chapel. Some of the seeds that were planted that day include: inviting the congregation to participate in the garden once we begin planting winter crops; inviting the knitting circle at Cochran Chapel over to the house in the spring for knitting, tea, and conversation; offering an Intentional Community 101 course so that the congregation can come and learn why we do what we do, and ask us questions. In the immediate future, we are delighted to open our house for the Christmas party on the evening of Friday, December 15th. This is always a festive and delightful time for the members of the community and the people of Cochran Chapel. Lastly, we at Cochran House have been led to provide treats and holiday goodies for the folks that work in the various businesses across the street from Cochran House. We plan to invite the congregation to prepare treats and drop them off at Cochran House for delivery to the various businesses across Northwest Highway. As you can see, whether it is a literal garden, or the ministry opportunities before us, the residents of Cochran House are busy planting seeds that we hope will bear fruit soon, but only through prayer, awareness, and partnership with our anchor church and our friends in the Missional Wisdom Foundation can we hope to reap a plentiful harvest.