Conclusion - One Year:
The Active Presence of the Holy Spirit, Week 10

by Andrea Lingle

photo credit: Ryan Klinck

photo credit: Ryan Klinck

This journey into the life of the Spirit has been both revealing and cursory. I could sit and type for years and never nail down the proper metaphor. There is no book to study, no theology to memorize, no sage to question that could reveal the truth of the Spirit. We could never meditate or contemplate long enough or well enough to truly see what the Spirit is.

But there is one way.

There is one way to see the Spirit. To go. To go and live and be together. For it is when we join, tentatively or enthusiastically, in the dance of the Trinity—through embracing each other—that we enter into the life of the Spirit.

Whether or not we understand.

In fact, it is likely we will not understand.

After one year of publishing this newsletter, we are more excited than ever to be sharing what the Missional Wisdom Foundation is doing and learning. I am not a huge fan of when “we” talk about how much our work depends on “you.” It seems inauthentic to me. So, what I am now going to say must be done mindfully. Our work depends on you. Because we are you. The Missional Wisdom Foundation is dependent on the imagination of its expanding community. One of the reasons that the missional stance is so powerful is that it seeks to learn while serving.

Because this is true, we would like to pause the outflow to allow for some inflow. Where do you see God, triune and mysterious, showing up in your life? What are you dreaming of? What is challenging you? What question makes you trip every single time? What do you long for? How is God leading you into God’s kingdom?

If you have a few moments, please click through and share your wisdom with us.

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