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Haw Creek Commons Easter Egg Hunt

by Karen Doucette and Holly Roach

Last Saturday, the day before Easter, we had a neighborhood Easter celebration with an egg hunt, and lots of activities for kids and families. We were fortunate with fabulous weather, had a nice turn out with about 90 people, and got to show off our latest additions to the Haw Creek Commons community - 4 rapidly growing baby chicks! Kids took turns bouncing wildly in the bouncy house, played games including a water balloon toss, and got their faces painted. It was good to meet so many families from the neighborhood! 

Overall, it was a great day and wonderful turnout.  One mom said, "I thought about going to other Easter egg hunts, but after reading your invitation I thought, 'This one is the one for us!' I am so glad I did, as it was comfortable and sweet. My kids are having a blast."  

A couple weeks before the Easter Egg Hunt, we invited the Girl Scouts to come and take part. We explained that they could participate or come and help with the activities, thinking it could potentially be a way for them to earn a badge. Three or four girls came to the event, and when we announced it was time for face painting, two of the girls stepped up and asked to help.  

Having the girls take part was especially wonderful for two reasons. First, they felt enough at home at Haw Creek Commons to jump right in to help. Second, it was a wonderful opportunity to see the two groups come together to support the work of another activity that was taking place. The Girl Scouts are also in the midst of taking quilting lessons from the quilters group that meets at Haw Creek Commons. It is just so much fun to see interaction take place between the various groups at Haw Creek Commons. The Easter Egg Hunt allowed a way to meet new children and adults while also letting familiar faces take the lead in inviting others into a welcoming space.