When Brunch Becomes a Feast

Photo credit:  Sweet Moses Brands

Photo credit: Sweet Moses Brands

The Mix Coworking - When Brunch Becomes a Feast
Rhonda Sweet

I had the pleasure of catering a wedding sendoff brunch for a wonderful couple here in The Mix. As their guests trickled in, each curious about this unique space, some began to ask me questions and were even interested in a tour. My client of course approved, and what I witnessed on this tour was a feast for the eyes and hearts.

Questions were pouring out: "How do you do this?" "Who is MWF?" "How can we do this?" There were even offers to donate goods. I handed out plenty of brochures and shared the many facets of MWF. When my client was saying his goodbyes and thank you's, he said “Rhonda, what you all are doing here has touched my heart.” You see, this was his first visit to The Mix and as he stated, definitely not his last. My client lives here in the Little Forest Hills community and his wife even returned to see if this would be a good space for classes she offers.

It did my heart good to see firsthand how the gift of hospitality was used as a gateway to a much bigger feast for the soul. Though these people came to celebrate a union and covenant of two, I believe many walked away full from the table of creative life offered daily here at The Mix, and full of ideas on how this can possibly be reproduced in their own church or communities. Sounds like we sent off a new band of creative disciples to go and spread the news.