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Robert Bishop

As we prepare to begin a new series of devotional thoughts in a couple of weeks, we have asked some Missional Wisdom Foundation staff members to tell us more about some upcoming classes and events.

Autumn is close, and the kids have either gone back to school or are well on their way. Back to school isn’t just for the kids, though. If you’ve been searching for a way to grow your engagement in your community, the Missional Wisdom Foundation has you covered. This September, we are offering three courses through Journey, our online learning platform. In each case, the commitment is one hour of online engagement one night a week, plus some readings and a few learning activities. When you complete one of the following courses, you’ll be better equipped to explore the intersection between God and community. The lessons you learn will last far beyond this autumn. Ensure your spot by registering today.

In Disability, Culture, & Theology: An Introduction, Rev. Justin and Lisa Hancock will guide learners through an exploration of the intersection of disability and culture, the history of the church and the civil rights movement, and disability theology. This course is perfect for anybody looking for a way to engage disability in their context. Material from Justin Hancock’s forthcoming book, The Julian Way: A Theology of Fullness for All of God’s People, will be presented. Sign up at

Finding God in Culture - Paintings I is an eight week seminar designed to invite participants to contemplation and reflection on paintings depicting various themes of Christian faith. Led by Wendi Bernau, Participants will examine and discuss what each artist may claim about God, humanity, and living out our faith in the world. Our observations and discussion will illuminate the Scriptures, enhance our understanding of and appreciation for the arts, and invite us to be more aware of opportunities for reflection in our world.  Each session will focus on a particular biblical topic and include paintings of varying theological viewpoints, historical periods and global perspectives. Sign up at

Podcasts are one of the most portable ways people encounter Kairos moments: moments of deep time where people come into contact with the kingdom of God. How do you cultivate spaces where that can happen, both in intentional, recorded conversations and in the experiences of everyday life? In Podcasting and the Art of Sacred Listening, you’ll learn what goes into creating those sacred moments and discover how podcasting can positively impact your ministry. Over the course of this eight week, hands-on apprenticeship with Benjamin Yosua-Davis, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of how to record and edit a podcast, how to find guests and conduct interviews, and how to practice the listening skills that help awaken people to the movement of God in their own lives. Sign up at with the code PODCAST2 to receive $50 off. Code good through Labor Day (9/4/17).