The 3:15 Project

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Together We Will Harvest & Share Stories of God's Love

By Todd Meichiels, Founder of The 3:15 Project

Even at a glance at the Missional Wisdom Foundation, one can’t help but to be almost blinded by the appreciation and passion for story. To me that is both exciting and terrifying. Terrifying, as in fear and awe of a loving God who wants to know us and be known, beyond knowledge, as well as unify us for His glory and purposes.

Since receiving a call in 2010 to carry the torch of a simple but profound idea; every Believer has a story that can be harvested on video, and that video can be used by God in times and places never before possible, I have been in search of a community where I could find nourishment and discipleship, while at the same time, steward and use whatever gifts, talents, and resources I’ve been given.

My call came with a very clear set of instructions from the Spirit:

  1. Keep the idea alive, don’t worry about scaling it. Someone or something else will scale it.

  2. Serve the next person I bring you, with greater depth and love than the one before.

In my zeal I figured, “surely this must be a full time calling,” at least until the idea catches on and becomes self-sustaining. Unable to find a church or organization interested or willing to let me work out this calling, I started The 3:15 Project. It was launched to be an open source community to help remove the obstacles and barriers that keep Christians and churches and ministries from intentionally, persistently, and pervasively harvesting and sharing stories using video and the internet.

I figure if we can demonstrate what it looks like to help someone be willing, able, and ready to discover and share their story with their whole heart, and serve that person by connecting them with someone that is willing, able, and ready to harvest their story on video with their whole heart, the mission is being accomplished.

I’ve been praying that God would open a door for me to live out my call in community and be a part of the Body of Christ. It’s been lonely and tiring playing all the various body parts, especially those parts I was never designed to be!

To learn more about the work you can visit

All methods, plans, strategies and outcomes are on the altar, “here I am Lord!”

Todd Miechiels is the founder and torchbearer of The 3:15 Project. He lives in North Georgia with his wife Kim, and three sons.