Meals with a Mission

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Meals with a Mission

By: Betsey Davis, current Launch & Lead student

As manager of Journey Station Restaurant, I am in the marketing business. I am constantly finding ways to invite community around the table. Christ asks that every time we break bread, we remember Him. There is nothing better than to see our tables full of family and friends, enjoying good fresh food in a clean, wholesome environment and fellowshipping into the night.  I know Christ is here. Leonard Sweet in Tablet to Tablesays, “God designed eating not just for survival but also for pleasure. A meal feeds the soul and spirit as much if not more than it feeds the body. That’s why to ‘taste' in Greek also means to ‘enjoy'."

Our missional faith community purchased this property two years ago, a once vibrant place from the 1950’s into the 1970’s.  We refurbished it, made it fully accessible, and now we volunteer and serve in it. The theme of today’s restaurant was birthed by the railroad directly across the highway. The concept of a rest in the journey of life became a train station; a place of rest and replenishing during a long journey.  On Sunday mornings we worship in the restaurant’s banquet room, and at the other end of the building we operate our thrift store.

The restaurant is hard work, but joy-filled service. Open since December 2017 only on Thursday nights, we expect to grow into a full service restaurant with paying jobs. In May 2018 we plan to expand our hours to include Friday night dinner and lunches Wednesday through Saturday.

We offer diners an opportunity to participate with us in mission by purchasing a “Cup of Kindness” dessert, setting aside that money for those who cannot afford our modest priced meals. Beyond giving meals to anyone who needs one, our profits are put towards our next goal: renovating our motel to create transitional housing.

We expect work at our restaurant and thrift store will help people to earn their rent and meals.

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Betsey also manages Journey UMC and Journey Community Center.