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Ahadi "Meet the Makers"

By: RJ Van Dyk

The Ahadi Collective hosted a Meet the Makers event on Memorial Day weekend to engage with the community and share their work, products, and stories. Promotion began weeks before through multiple avenues and platforms.

Guests were greeted and escorted by Ahadi team members through The Mix and to their studio where they made introductions and visited while enjoying African Mandazi, prepared the previous day by Esther. Delicious yeast donuts (beignets) were offered, complimented by powdered sugar and raspberry jam.

While guests sipped iced tea and explored the studio they also had the opportunity get to know the team members through asking questions about their homeland, about the products they make, and trying their hand at “making.” Ahadi team members helped guests young and old create pom-pom flowers to take home with them. Each guest also received an Ahadi branded bag filled with more Mandazi to enjoy over the weekend.

Twelve guests came to the event (including some children) and one guest came specifically to discuss a similar endeavor across town.

The room was animated with discussions, stories, the laughter of children, and all guests as well as hosts enjoyed sharing the time and experience together.