Photo Credit: Ryan Klinck

Photo Credit: Ryan Klinck

By Ryan Klinck

These days, everyone seems to say...
“Take care of yourself, your body, mind, and spirit.”

Everywhere I go, I seem to hear...
“It is necessary to know yourself and who you are.”

Gurus, counselors, and life coaches all seem to proclaim...
“Do what you need to do to take care of you”

I hear these narratives preached
And to a degree, I agree
It is right and good to care for me

But I have to wonder
Where is the “we” in “me?”
Isn’t there more than just an isolated “me?”

Can I really...

“Know myself...”
“Take care of myself...”
“Do what I need to do for myself...”

Without other human beings?

Without other humans...
There is no context for “me.”

Without other humans...
How can Christ possibly encounter me?

Aren’t “we” Christ’s hands and feet, after all?

Without other humans…

How can Christ’s arms hold me close when I fall into the deepest of nights of my life?
How can Christ celebrate with me whenever there is a grand victory mined out of my story?
How can Christ notice me, know me, and be with me without another human being?

Without another human being,
there is just…

Dear one…
Can’t you see?
That there has to be more
than just,

There is no grace
To be offered
To another
With just “me”

But with you and me?
There is a chance to be seen

So, beloved
Show up
Pay attention
And release control

Grace may unexpectedly
Meet you
Welcome you
And embrace you
Through another

Then, my friend,
If you are willing
To confront the angry “me”
And notice the hidden divine
Inside you and me

You may meet
The true,
Transfigured face
Behind all your masks

And it may say to you
What you have been yearning to hear
All this time

“What is that?”
You may ask.

“You and me
Are not so different…
You see?”

“Christ abides
Within us both...”