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National Gathering 2019 Asset Based Community Conversation

One of the great delights of working for the Missional Wisdom Foundation has been discovering the network of amazing people and organizations connected to the foundation. During the National Gathering we sought to connect people with each other based on their gifts. First, we had people write on cards their gifts, skills, and passions. These were placed on a wall so others could see this amazing portrait of our Dispersed Community's assets.

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The Grace of...Knowing Your Context

I understand grace as an invitation toward something wonderful and a revelation of God’s loving action in our world. With this understanding, I see grace at work in my neighborhood. I have neighbors with gifts to share, and my neighborhood has resources and assets. Those treasures catch my attention and draw me toward an abundant life. Those treasures also reveal God’s action, as God has planted gifts in every single person.

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The Good Neighboring Experiment

Think of your neighborhood. Maybe it's a city block, an apartment building, or a retirement community.  Maybe you live in the country and your neighbors are far, or maybe you live in a cul-de-sac and they are close by. No matter where you live, you are somebody’s neighbor and somebody is your neighbor.

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