Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Photo credit: Ryan Klinck


The Dallas hub is the birthplace of the Missional Wisdom Foundation and location of our original community experiments. MWF began with a series of experiments in residential community, the Epworth Project, and house churches, The People of New Day and The Gathering. Later, our first coworking space, The Mix Coworking & Creative Space, opened as an experiment in community as a means of grace. The Mix Kitchen, a fully-equipped commercial rental kitchen for culinary entrepreneurs, is now open in the same space.  

The Dallas hub remains both an incubator for innovative experiments in community and everyday expressions of hospitality. The Julian Way, a ministry that seeks to support disabled people as they live the Gospel in the bodies they were given, and The Ahadi Collective, a sewing business that provides hopeful community, living wages, and work skills to the refugee community, make their homes in the area.

Core Members:
Bret Wells
Ceciliah Igweta
Denise Crane
Justin Hancock
Larry Duggins
Renda Garner
Rhonda Sweet
Robert Bishop
Ronda van Dyk
Callie Earnest
Stephanie McKellar
Wendi Bernau