The Francis House


Dear Friends,

I am writing this article after a beautiful and long house meeting at Francis (an intentional community within the Epworth Project). It was our first of the year! Typically, communities begin gathering earlier in the calendar year, but, as we welcomed 2018, we also welcomed our third resident. The joy and vulnerability of this first meeting gave me pause and peace.

Francis has a history of a quick resident turnover since the majority of the community members have studied at Perkins School of Theology or SMU. We began three years ago, and already have a rich history with those who have made up the community.

Since our founding, powerful, marvelous women have lived together in this East Dallas community exploring and discerning their gifts as they navigate this season of their lives. This morning’s gathering was no different. I anticipate the continuation of lives changed and made more empowered through exploring spiritual disciplines, and living with other residents who intentionally desire a day-to-day ministry and deeper relationship with God.

Due to the short life of our community and quick turn over of our  residents, we are still discerning how to respond to and engage with our immediate and extended neighbors. This evolution of experimentation and community involvement continues to define the house and its history. Whether we are in direct service through community meals or events or not, our constant priority is to pray and gather together as residents. This morning, as we sat around our dining room table with our coffee and Abide curriculum, the ladies of Francis House imagined our newest adventure together.

There are some relationships formed out of Perkins that we are continuing, like our partnership with the Order of St. Luke—we host feast days biannually with the Order. And there are newly forming relationships. We are celebrating a newly budding relationship with our anchor church’s newly appointed pastor and the possibilities before us in ministry and graceful service. Our community meals begin February 6 at 6:30 p.m. and we hope if you’re in the area you stop by!

Grace and Peace,

Amber Oxley, OSL
Francis House Steward