Photo Credit: Glenna Gillilan Left to right: Josh, me, Sungmoon, and Ryan  

Photo Credit: Glenna Gillilan
Left to right: Josh, me, Sungmoon, and Ryan

By Glenna Gillilan, member of the Bonhoeffer and Cochran Epworth Communities

I first went to The Dietrich Bonhoeffer House, an intentional Christian community of the Missional Wisdom Foundation's Epworth Project located in Old East Dallas, in December of 2016. The young men living there at the time—Ryan, the house steward, Sungmoon, Jun, and Thomas—welcomed me with open arms. I quickly became involved with every aspect of the community that I could, from Sunday morning breakfast to Monday evening Bible study and Wednesday evening meals, learning about what it means to live in community along the way.
In January I met with Ceciliah Igweta, abbess of the Epworth Project, to find out how I could become a resident of one of the houses and begin living in community myself. I continued learning about living in community, not only from the guys at Bonhoeffer but also from Justin Hancock, steward of Cochran House and prior of the Epworth Project, and the other residents of the house.

Throughout the next year and a half, and with help and prayers from the residents of both houses and Ceciliah, I would discern the call of God on my own life. I will be attending El Centro College this fall to get my Associates Degree and then, God willing, transfer to SMU to get my B.S. in Psychology. I then hope to enroll at Perkins School of Theology to get my M.Div in Pastoral Care, which will enable me to minister to the people around me through counseling.

I still hope to one day live in an Epworth community so that I can continue ministering to and being ministered to by the people I've come to love as family.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally and publicly thank all the people who have welcomed me into their hearts and homes: Bonhoeffer House residents Ryan, Sungmoon, Jun, Thomas, and Josh; Cochran House residents Justin, Lisa, Rebecca, and Macie; Francis House residents Amber, Stephanie, and Kristina; and Ceciliah, not to mention all the community members who have journeyed with me since I started my involvement with the houses. May God continue to pour out his richest blessings on each and every one of us.
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