Meet Dillon Hargrave

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Dillon Hargrave is the Literacy Director for Neighbors Along the Line and the Missional Wisdom Foundation's Newest Dispersed Community Communicator. To become a MWF Communicator, Click Here

My name is Dillon Hargrave. I work full time as a literacy director at Neighbors Along the Line, a nonprofit in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm the founder and owner of Baby Dā€™s Bee Sting hot sauce. I also have more than a decade of experience as a DJ, a career I let go dormant, save a few gigs each year.

I started working as a literacy director about four years ago. The Executive Director, Shannon, is also a DJ and we had performed together in 2009/10. He introduced me to the world of super-hot chili sauces in 2016. I started Baby D's Bee Sting in 2017. Around that time I learned Shannon has a degree in Theology. We began discussing how our Christian identity drives our work.

I currently operate my programs and business with a mission focused on marginalized communities. I learned about the Missional Wisdom Foundation this spring through the Julian Way. The knowledge I gain through a daily practice in the Rule of Life helps me create balance.

The Rule of Life guides me to be seek holiness in each activity of daily life. I am encouraged to view all daily interactions through God's grace. I grow stronger each day in my relationship to the Trinity through this practice.

I am a man of many passions. The overarching theme is a strong desire to build community through developmental relationships. I currently invest my energy into relationships with friends, family, employees, and students. I do this at my office, home, and on weekly bike rides with my cycling team.

This year the Holy Spirit led me to explore the disabilities movement. It was on this path that I met Justin Hancock who introduced me to the MWF. We share a passion for creating a holistic Christian community for the disabled. I am grateful for Justin's wisdom and sensitivity that equal his passion.

Getting to know Justin led me to identify as uniquely embodied. This is much more authentic to how I feel than being a "person with a disability." I have faith we can use our voices together as a community to usher in an era of adaptability and inclusion.

I've got the "skills that pay the bills." I must confess that I googled this list. I'm no less confident that I continue to strive for excellence in the following areas:

Communication - I have a BA degree in Mass Communication. One thing I didn't learn in that process was mindful presence. The Rule of Life teaches that. It can create powerful connections in any relationship.

Enthusiasm and Attitude - My peers in high school nominated me most spirited. A badge of honor I continue to wear. The Rule of Life helps me understand how important it is to observe the Sabbath. Doing so helps me restore my attitude so I can serve lovingly.

Teamwork - Being a good team player means aiding teammates in need. I have been taking breaks from writing this to assist clients of our food pantry. Our program director and pantry volunteer are out today. Shannon and I have to step up to help out. We serve God and neighbor out of the gratitude for the love of God.

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking - My greatest strength may be my ability to synthesize information. I'm fortunate to have teachers and family who challenged me to stretch this skill at an early age. I get pleasure from finding a creative solutions to complex problems.

Professionalism - I can be professional. I often choose to be silly to keep things light and fun.