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Imagining More

Imagine a table with a certain number of chairs.

What type of embodiments are envisioned here? Beyond the door frames being accessible, beyond a ramp situation being available, does the table allow a diversity of embodiments to approach and find welcome? Are there hurdles and obstacles for alternative embodiments to cross/scale/overcome?

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What is My Agenda?

Have you ever heard of the “gay agenda?” That phrase has been used as a threat and attempt to discredit queer folx and imply some sort of sinister intention behind our actions and behavior. However, if you ever ask an LGBTQIA+ person what their gay agenda is, you would find it rather boring. There is no secret. No vile intent. Our agendas consist of chores, dating, bills, binging on Gentleman Jack on HBO.

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Same, Same?

I must admit I feel like the least qualified person to discuss Missional Inclusion through the lens of Ethnicity. Who am I to think, as a white cis-gendered straight man, that I have anything to say? Do we need another white guy talking about inclusion? My prayer is that the audacity that is the gospel of Christ might give me something to say.

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