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Heidi Miller

New MWF Leader, Heidi Miller

I remember helping my mother bake thumb-print cookies at our kitchen table when I was four years old. We would form a ball of dough, place it on the baking sheet and press our thumb into the center. It required lots of practice to my untrained hands as my little thumb would press a hole in the dough just far enough to form a small round bowl so that a bit of strawberry jam could be spooned in. Eagerly, I awaited the warm cookies to emerge from the oven so that I could share them. We made a lot of thumb-print cookies when I was little. Lots. You see, those were the cookies through which I could enter into the baking process at four years old, being a part of a community of baking and cooking in our family and extending that to others.

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Denise Crane

New MWF Leader, Denise Crane

I am Denise Crane, one of the new leaders of the Missional Wisdom Foundation. I should probably start by explaining that I hate being in the spotlight. It’s just not my cup of tea. That said, after I got over the knot in my stomach at being asked to write about myself for this week’s spotlight, I realized that it gives me an amazing opportunity to talk about how wonderful it is to get to walk with these people who make up the Missional Wisdom Foundation and all the other people who journey alongside us. That is worth talking about!

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