Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Photo credit: Ryan Klinck

Stories from Bonhoeffer House
Ryan Klinck, Bonhoeffer House Steward

When I first met Mike, he was a fellow from our group of homeless friends who frequented the Bonhoeffer House, that kept mostly to himself. He did not engage conversation much, came for the food, and was fine sitting quietly in the corner, doing his own thing.

Fast forward three years later and Mike is now an integral part of our community. He leads the set up for our community meal, checks in with us at the house daily, and is part of our lead team. He welcomes new homeless friends when they come to the house for the first time and shows them the ropes. He has become incredibly generous as well, sharing all that he has and often using the last of his money to help another.

Mike is a now very different person than the person I met three years ago. He is still the same kind person who was there originally, just now he has a reason to be in this world. His reason is to be a support to the young people who live in Bonhoeffer House because he sees something good coming out of this place. He gives us the gift of presence so that we can be present to others. Community can change people’s lives.