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Stories from Bonhoeffer House

Stories from Bonhoeffer House
Ryan Klinck, Bonhoeffer House Steward

When I first met Mike, he was a fellow from our group of homeless friends who frequented the Bonhoeffer House, that kept mostly to himself. He did not engage conversation much, came for the food, and was fine sitting quietly in the corner, doing his own thing.

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Street Jesus...

Square Soul
Manager, minister at CitySquare has a new mission

Byron's Lens: "Street Jesus" Finds Grace Under Pressure
By Byron Harris, as printed on

*Jonathan Grace resided in the Bonhoeffer House, a part of Missional Wisdom Foundations' Epworth Project, for three years.

Jonathan Grace stands out in a crowd. He’s an imposing presence, tall enough that when he walks into a room you notice him. He’s also got shoulder-length hair and a beard, that’s the other reason he catches your eye. He’s usually wearing jeans, a open-necked shirt and work boots and bears a strong resemblance to Leonardo Da Vinci’s depiction of Jesus in The Last Supper. Your first reaction is: what’s up with this guy?

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