MWF National Gathering

Missional Wisdom Foundation National Gathering

By Renda Garner
January 3, 2018

Although the Missional Wisdom Foundation (MWF) staff is comprised of innovative, creative, intelligent, and talented individuals, we are often stymied by the daunting and impossible task of explaining exactly what we do in a thirty second elevator pitch. Most are aware that we “experiment with and teach about alternative forms of Christian community;” but, what exactly does that mean and how do we effectively explain this, and, even more challenging, show it to others? Although we make genuine attempts to share with others, we are often met with confused looks and tilted heads—these looks often come from our own staff!

What we do at the MWF is innovative and involves “thinking outside of the box,” so putting that information into words is often lost in translation, but one thing is very clear:

It is important to all of us that we connect to our communities and celebrate the relationships that are formed through these connections.

We are keenly aware of the value of these connections and the impact that they have on our past, present, and future at the MWF.

At the MWF we have many people who are passionate about many things but this passion couldn’t be showcased during a single event or at a single location, until now…

Announcing the First Annual Missional Wisdom Foundation National Gathering!

This event will give us a chance to highlight what the MWF is all about, connect all the relationships that have developed over the years, form new relationships, and discuss and prepare for our future. This three-day event will be hosted at The Mix Coworking & Creative Space in Dallas, TX.

The National Gathering is a 3-day event which will include:

Over thirty breakout sessions (presented by our MWF staff, Launch & Lead alumni/participants, and MWF partners)

  • Four keynote addresses

  • “Past, Present, and Future of Missional Wisdom Foundation” roundtable discussion

  • Facility tours

  • Food, entertainment, and networking

Please save the date for this exciting conference! Below are the details:

Date: April 19–21, 2018 (Thursday–Saturday)
Time: Thursday & Friday: 8:00 am–4:30 pm, Saturday:  8:00 am–1:30 pm
Location: The Mix Coworking & Creative Space, 9125 Diceman Drive, Dallas, TX  75128

Please keep an eye on the MWF website for registration information that will be coming soon! If you have any questions please contact Renda Garner, Director of Higher Ed & Community Connections: