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I really should call this one: Interruption: An Experiment. We talk a lot about experiments at Missional Wisdom Foundation. One thing I know about myself is that I would much rather be experimenting and exploring new ideas than rehashing or managing old ones. It’s one of the certainties and signs to how I knew serving as the pastor of a local church was not the right path for me. Now, even when I’m doing something I’ve done before, it’s generally new to this group. “We’ve never done it this way before” to me is all the more reason to do it: it’s exciting even if it’s uncomfortable. I like comfort as much as the next person for my personal life, but in my work if I’m not a least a little bit terrified, I’m not trying hard enough.

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The Good Neighboring Experiment

Think of your neighborhood. Maybe it's a city block, an apartment building, or a retirement community.  Maybe you live in the country and your neighbors are far, or maybe you live in a cul-de-sac and they are close by. No matter where you live, you are somebody’s neighbor and somebody is your neighbor.

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